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Play to Earn

Choose your Character, Defeat the enemy, and earn Profit!
The in-game currency is SKILL. SKILL can be used to strengthen your character just by holding it!
Use your leveled up character to defeat the boss!

Character NFT Weapon NFT

Create powerful characters and craft NFT items to defeat your enemies!
Trade these powerful NFT items in our marketplace!

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Dual Token System

The two tokens, $COLOS and $SKILL, make up the game's economy.
$COLOS is a governance token, mainly used to create characters and accessories.$SKILL is a token used to level up your character.

Boss Creating

Users can freely design their own bosses to their liking.
You can set the boss's image, name, status, etc.
When your boss defeats a player, you will get a reward!

Shortened time for queuing up

By providing liquidity, you earn $COLOS and this will reduce the time you can re-engage in a fight.
You'll be able to have battles twice as efficiently and earn more rewards!

An innovation to level up your Character

The $SKILL you earn from playing will be used to level up your character.
There are two ways to level up your character “Skill Boost" is used to directly leveling up your character “Wallet Skill Boost" can be used to level up your character just by simply holding $SKILL

3 Round Battle System

By using one stamina point, you will have the chance to fight three times!
The reward for all three rounds will be $ SKILL

Token Allocation

Token Allocation

The token allocation for ChainCOLOSSEUM is quite unique from all other tokens.
100% of the allocation will be the initial liquidity of the AMM
Have you ever seen this kind of token allocation?

In many projects there are management share of funds, examples of these include but are not limited to: Founder, developer, marketing, and treasury. However, ChainCOLOSSEUM management are not handed any shares of funds. In other words, there is no selling pressure from management after the token's listing.

Token Sales

The main token of ChainCOLOSSEUM, $ COLOS, will not be on sale but instead $SKILL will be sold.

The number of tokens sold will be 990,000 SKILLs, where 1 SKILL = 1 USD.

The $SKILL tokens can be exchanged into $ COLOS after 25 days of holding it.

We do offer another option where you can exchange the $COLO token instantly without waiting 25 days, but there will be a 50% penalty. However, we do not recommend this option due to the penalty.

The BNB raised in the presale will be used as follows:

Initial liquidity: 50%.
To provide liquidity to ApeSWAP.

Marketing 10%.
This will be spent immediately by the referrer program.

Founder 10%, Developer 10%.
This is the compensation for management.

Buyback for the COLOS token 20%.
We will buy COLOS from the market as the same price as the users.

Our Message

We do not seek excessive profits.
We will earn a small profit for development and other labor costs to create this project from the funds raised during the presale.
There will be no other benefits.
We will not have any tokens purchased for $0.
Therefore, there is no way for us to sell the tokens after the initial listing.
There will be no dump of tokens by the management team.
There is also the NFT Gacha found in other existing blockchain games.
For some existing projects, the NFT Gacha is the profit for the management team. Occasionally, some projects buy back tokens from the sales of their NFT Gacha or decide to burn tokens.
We will do the same, but ChainCOLOSSEUM is unique in this area as well:
100% of the $ COLOS from NFT Gacha sales will be burned!
What we would like to focus in on is that we will not have any $0 tokens that many management teams have today.
We will not earn any profit from the game after release, and all profits will be returned to the token holders.
We, like you, are users who enjoy this game and want to earn money from ChainCOLOSSEUM.
This is the one and only project where there will be no dumping by the management team whatsoever.
We are confident that this token allocation will benefit our users over the long term.
This is a whole new approach we would like everyone to get involved in. What do you all think?

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Our Roadmap


  • Create a Website and other Social Media Handles
  • Private and Public Sale Launch
  • ApeSwap Listing
  • Security Audit
  • Game Launch
  • Marketplace Launch


  • To get listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap
  • PvP Mode Released
  • New Game Mode Released
  • New Boss Events Released
  • NFT Marketplace Upgrade
  • Launch of Guilds
  • Partnerships with Various DEXs


  • Various Exchange Listings
  • Launch of mobile Version
  • Merchandise
  • Implementation of Multi-Chains


  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith


    I came to Defi with a background in trading in the cryptocurrency world. I've had success with a variety of investments. But this project is the most exciting investment I've ever made.

  • Daniel



    I have over 5 years of experience working at the forefront of the blockchain industry. I also continue to advise international clients in cyber security to solve their problems.

  • Mary



    I have more than 10 years of experience in the payments industry, including the launch of legal tender exchanges and cryptocurrencies. I continue to play a leadership role in a number of payment companies.

  • George Watson

    George Watson


    I am an expert in a variety of marketing disciplines, including digital advertising and media buying, and I am always aiming to exceed people’s expectations in attracting new users through deep marketing analysis.

  • Sebastian Karl

    Sebastian Karl

    Lead Engineer

    I am an expert in trading algorithms and have experience implementing blockchain solutions for major companies. Eva Carter

  • Eva Carter

    Eva Carter

    Community Manager

    I'm a community representative who is approachable to everyone and have extensive experience in both team management and customer service.


What is ChainColosseum?

ChainColosseum is the next generation of PlaytoEarn games! Users can earn characters and accessories to defeat enemies. Defeating bosses created by other users will get you optimal rewards

What are COLOS Tokens?

$COLOS is a governance token for ChainColosseum.
You will also have the opportunity to use it in the game.
For example, it will be used for character recruitment, weapon loot boxes, liquidity sticking, etc.
$COLOS can only be obtained by converting $SKILL or buying it through ApeSwap.

What are Skill tokens?

$SKILL is the second token of ChainColosseum.
$SKILL is mainly used to upgrade your character.
Wallet boosts can be used to level up your character just by keeping it in your wallet.
You can also use $SKILL to boost your character's skills at a greater efficiency than the wallet boosts.

How can I contact the team?

The best way to get in touch with the team is through our telegram.
We are always ready to help everyone.
We are open to any suggestions.